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Advancements in medical technology have revolutionized women’s health, and robotic surgery is an excellent example of those improvements. Christopher Serrano, MD, of Serrano OBGyn in San Antonio, Texas, is proud to incorporate the da VinciⓇ robotic surgery system into his practice. This dynamic tool allows Dr. Serrano to perform a wide range of procedures with far less risk than traditional open surgery. To learn more, call or schedule an appointment online today.

Robotic Surgery Q & A

What is robotic surgery?

If the words “robotic surgery” conjures images of a blocky, silver robot hovering over an exam table, wielding sharp surgical instruments, you certainly aren’t alone. In reality, however, robotic surgery is an astounding development in surgical technology.

To begin, the practitioner has complete control of the surgical system at all times. Every action is controlled remotely. There is no risk the robotic system will begin performing functions on its own. 

The da Vinci surgical system allows Dr. Serrano to perform complex surgical functions that would simply not be possible otherwise. Think about the limited function of even the most talented surgeon’s hands. The wrist and fingers only bend in certain directions, and flexibility is limited. Not to mention the space the human hands need to perform tasks. 

Robotic surgery overcomes those limitations. Surgical tools are affixed to robotic arms and enter your body through incredibly small incisions. A light and camera project real-time images on a screen. Dr. Serrano is able to move the surgical tools in any direction, at any angle, and with an astounding degree of delicacy. 

What are the benefits of robotic surgery?

Minimally invasive robotic surgery has numerous benefits over traditional open surgical procedures, including:

  • Less pain during recovery
  • Less bleeding
  • Lower risk of complications
  • Swifter return to normal daily routines
  • Reduced scarring
  • Short hospital stays

It’s easy to see why robotic surgery is becoming the industry standard in minimally invasive gynecologic surgery. 

Which gynecologic procedures can be done with robotic surgery?

The da Vinci surgical system can perform numerous gynecologic procedures. Some examples include:

  • Hysterectomy
  • Removal of ovarian cysts
  • Treatment for cervical or endometrial cancer
  • Repair of pelvic organ prolapse
  • Removal of uterine fibroids
  • Treatment for endometriosis

If you encounter a surgical need, Dr. Serrano will discuss the available options in detail. He can review the pros and cons of each surgical approach to help you make a decision that is in line with your short- and long-term goals. 

To explore these options in greater detail, set up an appointment today. Online scheduling makes it easy to find a time that fits your busy life, or you can always call and speak with a member of the administrative staff. 

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